New Year ... New You: Part Two

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Two-thousand and seven is just days away and time is running out to make your New Year’s resolutions.

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security said every year nearly half of all Americans will make at least one New Year’s resolution. They say to be successful, it’s important to make a resolution that is easy to keep.

One of the top ten New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. A study by the University of Kentucky shows more than 60 percent of Kentuckians are overweight.

Ricky Foxall always knew he needed to loose weight but his motivation to succeed was never there. It wasn’t until last year that Ricky decided once and for all to drop the pounds.

Ricky said he made the decision when he and his wife went out to eat for New Year’s eve. They had to wait an hour and a half for a table because he was too big for a booth.

“I didn’t know how heavy I was because my scales didn’t weigh me,” Ricky said. When Ricky finally got on a scale, the numbers scared him.

“About a year ago Ricky weighed 459 pounds. He’s lost 170 pounds and this year he wants to loose 50 more and run in a 5k marathon,” personal trainer, Shawn Hamilton said.

“My first week I couldn’t even do four minutes on the elliptical or the treadmill. I thought I was dying,” Ricky said.

With a little bit of help from a personal trainer and some peer motivation Ricky started to loose weight.

“If you have friends here and you see that they’re making goals, it might push you to push yourself harder or as you make friends you might talk and share goals,” Ricky said.

Now Ricky meets with Shawn once a week. He’s at the gym six days a week, one to two times a day and is doing things he never dreamed of.

“I went to aerobics classes ... I was dancing around with women ... Which I never thought was possible,” Ricky said.

Ricky’s trainer said it takes more than just working out to see results. A healthy diet is a big part of loosing weight.

“Watch the amount of condiments you put on your food. From there you can go to healthier food and small snacks between meals,” Shawn said.

Ricky is now eating right and doing intensive cardio workouts. He will begin weight training and preparing for a 5k marathon.

“Once we get the distance, we could start messing with the time. That can be his next goal when he attains the 5k, which I have no doubts in my mind ... that man as determined as he is,” Hamilton said.

A once scared 400 pound-plus man with a passion for food, is now addicted to exercise.

“I used to go home and sit on the couch and eat and now I almost get the same enjoyment out of going to gym,” Ricky said. Ricky plans to loose the first 25 pounds by the time he runs the 5k in March and the other 25 by the end of 2007.

We can learn a lot from Ricky as we try to accomplish our New Year’s resolutions. He succeeded because he started slowly, stuck with it, shared his goals and changed his diet.

Shawn said one of the main reasons people don’t reach their goals is because they are unrealistic. This can cause people to get discouraged and give up.

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Tomorrow in part three of New Year ... New You, we’ll take a look at another top ten New Year’s resolution ... financial management.