Ford's Funeral Preperations In Progress

Preparations for President Gerald Ford’s funeral services are underway in three cities.

The 38th president’s journey to his final resting place will begin Fri., Dec. 29, at his parish in California. A private service is planned for family and friends, with a public viewing later in the day.

On Sat., Dec. 30, the president’s body will be flown to Washington D.C. for a state funeral. His body will lay in the state capitol until Tues., Jan. 2, for the public to pay their final respects.

Ford’s final resting place will be his presidential museum in Michigan.

Ford was known as the president who brought calm in the time of turmoil. He was thrust into the presidency by the Watergate scandal but even after his term was over his opinion was sought out on world affairs.

Just today, we have learned that President Ford left behind some unexpected assessments of the White House and the war in Iraq, in secret tapes.