Hometown Hero: Les Marsh

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Law enforcement officers work to protect you. They give their time and risk their lives to keep the community safe every day. This week we honor one law enforcement officer who has given his entire career to one South Central Kentucky community as your Hometown Hero.

Every county hopes for a sheriff who will give his all. Allen County has been blessed with Les Marsh, who’s served in law enforcement in for 29 years.

“He has brought professionalism to the police department,” said Don Rutheford, Allen County’s Police Chief.

He’s not only respected in the police department but in the community as well.

“He gave so much to Allen County, you know. He’s been there through the traffic accidents he’s worked and the compassion he’s showed for people,” Rutheford said.

Les feels that he hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary, only what was asked of him.

“I don’t know any reason that I would be considered a Hometown Hero. I have just done my job and done it the best I knew how,” Les said and his best has been very satisfying to Allen County.

“I’ve had a lot of people come up and thank me for things I’ve done for them and I think that makes it all worthwhile. It takes care of the bad days,” Les said.

His compassion has been noticed by many in Scottville.

“I think the best thing to say is, he has always been fair,” said Lex Carter with Allen County EMS.

Allen County will say goodbye to Les Marsh Jan.1. His plans for post-retirement are to continue to give back to his community by working with the department, processing paper-work and serving civil papers.

Les said he looks forward to having more free time, that is, if he needs it.