2007 Kentucky Legislative Session Preview

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When the Kentucky General Assembly reconvenes on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2007, there are several issues that will be revisited from 2006's legislative session such as budget money for universities like Western Kentucky University.

"House Bill 1 will be to restore the projects that Governor Fletcher vetoed, mostly university projects," said State Senator Brett Guthrie.

"Restoring projects for Western I think would help Western continue to move forward in the way its progressing," agreed House Speaker Jody Richards.

WKU lost out on $71 million worth of projects after Governor Ernie Fletcher deemed that too many bonds had been issued.

Guthrie also said there are certain area traffic issues he hopes to address in the session.

"Ensuring that Lovers Lane goes forward, and that I-65 projects continue to move forward. There's a proposal for Veteran's Parkway near the new Wal-Mart to continue that moving forward."

Also according to Guthrie he would also like the Assembly to increase the speed limit on I-65.

You can go from Gary, Ind., to Mobile, Ala., on I-65 and the only state you can't drive 70 miles per hour through is Kentucky."

Richards said that the session will need to address the possible $279 million surplus Governor Fletcher said the state could see.

"Its our feeling that we need to save most of that for the 2008 session because that will be the regular budget session," said Richards.

Richards would also like to see lawmakers take a look at any future governors' power to pardon. "To make a constitutional provision that the Governor could not pardon anyone until they're convicted."

The General Assembly will meet from Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2007, thru Friday, Jan. 5, 2007, then take a 25 day break before reconvening again in early February.