Bowling Green To Make Housing More Affordable

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The Affordable Housing Task Force will look at how the people can become homeowners for less money.

" ... A proposal to encourage local governments to look at rules and regulations, the permits that companies have to go through when they build housing," said Elaine Walker, Bowling Green mayor.

The hope is that the seven member committee, made up of those with housing and building knowledge, can take a look at Bowling Green's current structure and provide input to the city.

"They will examine the various processes and zoning processes permitting that you have to go through and make recommendations to us," Walker said.

Which could open up more opportunities for quality low-priced housing.

"If someone wants to build a number of condos that are affordable, we can take a look at how we can increase the density allowance so that they can get more units than would normally be allowed in an area so we can lower the cost of that," Walker said.

Walker also said the focus of the initiative will be on home ownership rather than just rental homes because of Bowling Green's low home ownership rates.

"We're about more than 20 percentage points below the national average for home ownership," Walker said.

According to Walker local banks are coming aboard to form an inter-bank community that will work together with the city to make sure that these new homes will be made affordable.