Legislators Back in Session

The Kentucky General Assembly met in Frankfort today, Tuesday, Jan. 2, for the beginning of a 30-day short session.

Each legislative session starts out with dozens, if not hundreds, of pre-filed legislation. This year there’s the usual bills dealing with money, education, health care and the like but of course there’s also the legislation dealing with things you might find a bit unusual.

Many of the people gathered here, all have their ideas of what’s best for Kentucky and what new laws should be passed. Sometimes those laws deal with taxes.
“There’s a good reason we pay taxes. By golly we need a reminder even in this General Assembly that people in Kentucky don’t want to pay more taxes,” said David Floyd, a representative from Bardstown.

So Representative Floyd filed what he calls the “tax me more account bill.” It would put a box on a tax form you could check if you wanted to voluntarily pay more taxes. Floyd said he wants the bill to send a message that no one in their right mind would ever check that box.

“Now I believe that there’s a small percentage who would really do that but of course 99 percent, whatever percentage are going to leave that box unchecked, to tell the General Assembly that we’re paying too much,” said Tom Buford, a Kentucky Senator from Nicholasville.

Another bill filed by Senator Buford would make it a crime for a person to eat horses. Buford said no other horse needs to suffer the same fate as Ferdinand.

“ ... That ended up in Japan. A Kentucky Derby winner actually was consumed for horse flesh. Sold by the states over to there ...” Buford said.

Buford’s bill would create a registry to prevent horses sold for consumption.

“ ... After all that’s what we’re into in Kentucky, trying to be the horse capital of the world. I don’t think that we should be eating or selling them for consumption,” Buford said.

More than 175 bills will be discussed before the close of the session. We have learned Jody Richards was re-elected Speaker of the House and Representative Rob Wilkey will be the House Majority Whip. Senator Joey Pendelton was re-elected Senate Majority Whip.