Area Unemployment Rates Drop

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Unemployment rates in Kentucky are dropping and Warren County has one of the lowest jobless rates in the state.

The top three counties with the lowest unemployment rates are Woodford County, Boone County and Warren County.

Warren County has more than 56,000 people who are employed and about 2,000 unemployed. That means only four percent of Warren County is jobless.

“We are the second fastest growing local economy in the state of Kentucky,” Jim Hizer said.

Hizer also said Warren County is increasing in population and one reason may be because of job availability.

“Statistically, we have 50 people who move to South Central Kentucky every week. That means if we have 150 people that leave, we have 200 people coming,” Hizer said, along with stating that those who are moving to the area are finding jobs fairly quickly.

“Our local economy in South Central Kentucky is really driven by two forces or drivers. One would be Western Kentucky University and the service sector and the other is manufacturing,” Hizer said.

Hizer said both of those forces continue to grow and are helping job rates in the area. An example of that is the formation of Bowling Green Metal and the Transpark.

“In the last two-and-a-half years we have seen a net increase of 8,000 new jobs in South Central Kentucky,” Hizer said.

Though four percent of Warren County is unemployed, Hizer said the jobs are out there and the unemployment rate is a direct indication of that.

“An unemployment rate that’s between three and five percent, usually indicates full employment statistically,” Hizer said, and Warren County’s unemployment has always been consistently low.

Hizer also said, in order for unemployment rates to stay low in the future, it’s important to improve our skills and education. He said these factors are directly related to our economic opportunities.

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