Kentucky House Democrats' Agenda

As the nation's leaders prepare for their lawmaking session, Kentucky legislators are already mapping out their plans for this year’s General Assembly.

Kentucky’s House Democrats have more than a dozen items they want to see passed this year. House Speaker Jody Richards said restoring capital projects vetoed by the governor is the top priority.

Richards also said Governor Fletcher “unwisely and arbitrarily” vetoed many projects, including many for higher education.

Other priorities include requiring child booster seats, strengthening energy independence and raising the state’s minimum wage, despite talk in Washington of raising the federal minimum wage.

“ ... And for a low-pay state like Kentucky, one where our per capita income is only 88 percent of the national average, it’s very important to go ahead and make that move. It’s certainly an important symbol,” House Speaker Richards said.

The minimum wage issue is one of three items new to the General Assembly. The other two are strengthening the merit system and pardon accountability.