No Child Left Behind Scores

Superintendents from Bowling Green Independent and Warren County Schools say the No Child Left Behind scores do not take Warren County's high level of diversity into account. Students have to take the test whether they have spoken English for one year or ten.

The test is designed to measure the Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP. The AYP federal requirements show how the schools did overall and how seven small subgroups met objectives in math and reading.

Overall, the Warren County School District met 20 of its 23 goals with 14 of the 18 schools meeting the adequate yearly progress. The Bowling Green School District met 18 out of 20 target goals and four of the eight schools met the adequate yearly percentage.

Clarissa Cowles, an English as a Second Language teacher, says her students work on classroom content, understanding directions, and vocabulary, which hopefully will eventually help them score better on the test.

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