Parent Upset at Local School District

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A Bowling Green parent wants a student removed from her son's school district after a brutal attack two years ago.

In September of 2005 Bruce Brasel was beaten into a coma by three juveniles in the equipment building behind Warren East Middle School.

Brasel spent a week in Vanderbilt and has been battling physical problems since the attack.

Brasel moved into The Bowling Green City School District and this week found out he'd be classmates with his attacker.

"I didn't feel like eating because my stomach was hurting and my hands were shaking," 13-year-old Brasel said.

He didn't know how to react when he was told his main attacker (also a juvenile) would be going to the same school.

"The school has guaranteed me that them two wouldn't be around each other, no classes or anything but it's still not going to stop them from running into each other," Brasel's mother, Tammy Spivey said.

Spivey said being reminded of his attack on a daily basis will do nothing for his self-confidence, especially since Bruce's ability to play football, was taken away from him.

"I can't move my fingers. When I try to move my fingers they twitch," Brasel said.

Spivey has been on the phone for the last week pleading with Bowling Green Junior High to remove Bruce's attacker.

"This has started so many problems with the family and all this it's just bringing it back up again," Spivey said.

The school system didn't want to comment on camera but released this comment :

"Any child who resides within the boundaries of our school district, by board policy and state regulation, must be given the opportunity to enroll in our schools unless disqualified for any reason by the court or legal system."

To that, Spivey said:

"My hands are tied, there's nothing I can do. I'd like to pull my son out of school. I don't know what to do."

Brasel and his mother say he suffers short term memory loss along with physical ailments that have inhibited him from making better grades.

"I finally got my grades up this semester," Brasel said.

After this semester's progress Brasel doesn't want to leave a school where he now feels safe.

The Brasel family is hoping for a judge's order to take the juvenile attacker out of the school district. The prosecuting attorney said all of the attackers were under the age of 14 at the time of the incident and were tried as juveniles and the case has been resolved.