Kentucky Minority AIDS Program Closes in Bowling Green

After funding is yanked, an AIDS education office is forced to shut its doors.

The Kentucky Minority AIDS Program in Bowling Green is one of four centers being closed around the state. With grants from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, the program made AIDS testing and counseling possible, as well as funded numerous AIDS education efforts throughout South-Central Kentucky.

A former health educator from the center tells us the Lincoln Foundation in Louisville, which had been in charge of the program's funding from the CDC, has decided to focus on scholarship and other education programs instead.... but the center hopes to be able to secure other grants in the future from the CDC.

In the meantime, the center will work out of the building on State Street occasionally. If you're interested in scheduling AIDS education programs, you can call the same number as in the past... (270) 746-0958 and ask for Alice or Alonzo.