Two State Senators Get Drug Task Force Awards

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You might not think of state senators as superheroes but Kentucky’s drug task force units think two of them are.

State Senator Richie Sanders from Franklin and Brett Guthrie from Bowling Green, received the legislative award from the "Office of Drug Control Policy" and the Kentucky Narcotics Officers' Association.

The two men were instrumental in securing $1 million-a-year for the next two years. That money kept three task forces from being terminated.

Laurie Dudgeon, the Executive Director of Kentucky's Office of Drug Control Policy said, "For some communities to lose focus, especially when you have a great disparity, if you have a really huge task force or presence in Warren County, perhaps yet an adjacent county that had lost a task force, you would run everyone into that county. The problem goes there."

Keeping all the drug task forces alive eliminates that problem.