BGJHS Parent Help Desk

There's an extra pair of eyes watching the front doors of Bowling Green Junior High and this semester the school started a parent help desk.

The desk is at the entrance to the school and the volunteers greet every visitor that enters the building. This system is helpful to the staff, students and visitors.

"We're new to the school and I thought it'd be a good opportunity to get to know the staff, to get to know the teachers and also the school environment," parent volunteer, Catherine Rounce said.

The volunteers find out what a visitor needs, has them sign in and lets them know where they need to go.

"With the help desk, we have a point blank person in place to see someone is stopped and with a friendly face to say 'Welcome to the school," principal, Dr. Penny Masden said.

"They can feel more comfortable in coming into the school and it also gives us another pair of eyes just to know what's going on," Rounce said.

"Without someone out there or without someone visible to see them, they can go directly into the school," Dr. Masden said.

Each volunteer works a two hour shift.

For more information on the program you can call Bowling Green Junior High at (270) 746-2290 or Teresa Sneed at (270) 746-2276.