Kentucky Gets Award for Traffic Law Safety

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Next time you get into a vehicle or jump on the interstate in Kentucky, you can breathe a little easier.

Kentucky's traffic laws earned the Commonwealth recognition as a top-performing state by a national highway safety advocacy group.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is a group of insurance, health, safety and law enforcement organizations that work together to advance state and national highway safety policies.

The group gave Kentucky a "green" rank which is the highest of three ratings, which is based on a state's adoption of optimal safety laws.

Two-thousand and six proved to be a landmark year in terms of highway safety legislation for Kentucky.

Transportation Cabinet officials credit the recent surge in legislation for receiving high rankings from the advocates for highway and auto safety.

The passage of a primary seat belt law and House Bill 90, which expanded Kentucky's Graduated Driver's License Program, are two laws credited for the increase in safety.

Cabinet officials say we are beginning to see the tangible results of passing these laws, including the lower number of deaths on Kentucky roadways last year.

Officials say even though this is a great accomplishment for Kentucky, there is still a lot of work to be done.

The safety group is seeking helmet requirements for all motorcycle riders and a booster seat bill for Kentucky's children.

This is the first year, Kentucky has gotten the group's top safety rating.

Kentucky is one of only 16 green lights and one of only four "Best Performance States" in their annual highway safety report.

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