Hometown Hero: June Richey

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Music is a powerful tool, which can touch a lot of people.
For this week's Hometown Hero, we meet a lady who uses music to help her come out of her shell and spread the love of the Lord to her congregation even after several health problems have tried to set her back.

June Richey has been playing the piano since she was nine-years-old. Her mother bought an organ for her for only $20.

She has been playing at Neal's Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church for ten years.

"It's just quite an experience and we have a song we sing called The Light House and to me, June has been a light house. She is a beacon that has just made my life wonderful," said Howard Taylor, who sings with June.

June uses her talent to show others the love of God.

"She has all these songs in her heart and head and she really just takes off. She really doesn't have to look them up in the book and that's pretty neat," Pastor Freddie Norris said.

June has had to deal with some setbacks aswell. She has suffered from a kidney disorder and diabetes and recently lost the feeling in her right hand for a short time but kept playing, using only her left hand.

"You know, music and preaching are pretty much you know are like two sides to a coin. So she has been quite a blessing and help to me as I try to share the word of the Lord," Pastor Norris said.

She has also made many couples' big day more special by playing for their wedding.

"Whenever Larry and I were discussing who we would have play the music at our wedding, the first person who popped into my mind was Mrs. Richey," friend, Hollie Faith said.

June is modest about being a Hometown Hero.

"Well, I've seen it a lot of times on television but I never thought about being on that but the Pastor back here, was the first one to call me a hero," June said.