KIRIU Grand Opening

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KIRIU USA Corporation celebrated the official start of manufacturing operations.

The plant will employ 30 people by Christmas and up to 60 by next year. The plant manufactures automotive brakes for Nissan.

KIRIU USA Corporation, a 100 percent-owned subsidiary of KIRIU Corporation in Japan, the second largest automotive brake rotor producer in Japan, constructed a 35,000 square foot facility in the South Central Kentucky Industrial Park. KIRIU is an official Nissan supplier in the USA, and currently delivers 100 percent of Nissan and 90 percent of Subaru demand in Japan.

“With our quality workforce and our central location, Kentucky once again has become the location of choice for another world renowned company,” said Gov. Paul Patton.

KIRIU President Toshio Nakagawa said, “Bowling Green was selected from over 20 sites in Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky not only because of its strategic location for the automotive parts supplier, but also because of the very supportive community for new industry and further business development. KIRIU was also attracted because of Western Kentucky University and the dynamic growth of Bowling Green. Consequently, KIRIU is proud of selecting Bowling Green for its most strategic overseas operation in the world.”

“We are excited about KIRIU’s decision to locate in Bowling Green and Warren County,” said Chamber Chairman Mike Murphy. “In the Summer 2001 edition of Southern Business & Development, Bowling Green was named one of the South’s Best Automotive Suppliers location. Having 62 automotive and truck plants in the South and Midwest within next day delivery proves Bowling Green is an asset to the automotive industry.”

KIRIU Corporation, mother company of KIRIU USA, is located in Japan and has a history of nearly 100 years. This project represents an investment of approximately $9 million for the land, building and machine equipment.