Local School May Adopt New Program

Changes may be in the making for another area school. Rich Pond Elementary School is discussing the possibility of implementing Saturday School for some students.

The school’s principal, Shawn Holland said this program wouldn’t just be for routine misbehaviors, students who chronically miss assignments would also be targeted. He said students will have to commit several offenses before being sent to Saturday School.

“It will be more of a progression. First we will have worked with the student; we will have worked with the parents; possibly assigned after school detention; possibly an in school type of detention, before we ever move to a Saturday School,” Holland said.

Holland also said the program would only affect fourth, fifth and sixth graders.

In order for Rich Pond to adopt the program, it has to pass through their cite base council and the board of education. If implemented, Saturday School would be conducted twice a month. It would begin at 8 a.m. in the morning and end at noon.

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