Transpark Opponents Urge Automaker to Stay Away

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Despite the prospect of high-paying jobs, Oakland city leaders and residents are telling the Honda Motor Company not to open a plant in Warren County.

In a letter to Honda's President and CEO, opponents of the Kentucky Trimodal Transpark cite environmental, cultural, and legal concerns as reasons for objecting to the possibility of a new manufacturing facility.

ITA proponents say the letter could jeopardize a multi-million dollar deal already in the works.

Bowling Green's Chamber of Commerce says by sending the letter, K.E.E.P. (Karst Environmental Education and Protection) sent a message on behalf of all Warren County citizens. They add the letter was self-serving and short-sighted.

Oakland's mayor plans on sending similar letters to large corporations considering the proposed Transpark site.

Earlier this year, Kentucky lost out in an effort to lure another auto manufacturer, the Hyundai Motor Company, to the city of Glendale, approximately 50 miles north of Oakland.