Web-Based Learning at BGJH

Students across the state are working to figure out what career they want to pursue at an earlier age.

This year the Commonwealth is requiring sixth graders start a web-based learning plan.

The program helps the students identify what fields they may want to pursue.

Bowling Green Junior High has all of its students logging onto the program.

"High school classes are really lined out now that you can take ones to the fields that you might be interested in pursuing later on and it gives them an idea of what they might want to do," said Tricia Neumann, a guidance counselor at the school.

Every student at the school is typing their interests into a computer to see what career options would best fit them.

It's called an individual learning plan and helps students focus on their goals for the future.

"If a student is interested in accounting, when they have electives they're going to want to focus on business and math than Language Arts," said Janet Grider, a guidance counselor at the school.

Once the students finish their individual plan the computer provides them with a cluster of careers they might be interested in and the path they need to take to get there.

"It gives them the educational plan that they need to take, the job path they need to follow, the amount of money," said Grider.

The students can log onto the program from any computer and the guidance counselors hope this will allow parents be an active part in the planning process.

"Having the parents support there, it helps the students communicate with their parents and really opens up the doors of communication," said Neumann.

Since the program gives specific goals the counselors also hope this will give students the motivation to do well in school at an early age.

The program even allows the students to create and maintain a resume.

For the press release concerning this new change, click here.