Health and Safety Fair

Around 20 health and safety vendors visited Richardsville Elementary to teach the students about wellness.

For Emerald Smith, a fifth grader at Richardsville, the health and safety fair was a chance to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.

"I might want to be an orthodontist," said Smith

She had the opportunity to discover what it takes to succeed in her chosen profession.

"We talked about getting braces and helping people as we go through life and it helps straighten your teeth."

For the rest of the students, the fair taught them everything from bike, to fire, to car safety.

"A lot of useful information for both home and school," said Casey Campbell, the school's Family Resource Coordinator.

As for Emerald she's excited to get a jump start on a possible career at such a young age.

The teachers hope all of the students take this useful information home to their parents and siblings.

The education wasn't limited to the students, the faculty and staff had the chance to participate in a bone density screening.