Grayson Co. Fatal Intersection

The third and latest fatal accident at a Grayson County intersection is forcing the highway department of Elizabethtown to make some changes.

Authorities say 23-year-old Candice Brown, who was pregnant, died Monday night, Jan. 22, 2007, after being struck at the intersection of the Thomason Byway and Highway 1214.

It was the tenth injury accident since the byway opened last August of 2006.

Last month we told you about Randy Logsdon, whose father was killed at the same intersection. He started a petition to have a light installed there.

After Monday night’s accident, the mayor ordered police to spend half a shift at the intersection. Eight of ten tickets they wrote were for failure to stop at the stop sign.

The highway department has now put flags on the stop-ahead signs at both the 1214 and 920 intersections. They plan to attach a flashing light to the signs and set the speed limit at 45 miles per hour on the byway between 259 South and City Park.