Governor's Race Update

State Treasurer Jonathan Miller has officially entered the race for governor.

Miller filed officially this morning, Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007, in Frankfort. His running mate is Jefferson County attorney, Irv Maze.

Miller is a Harvard-educated lawyer and is in his second term as State Treasurer. He adds to the growing list of Democratic gubernatorial candidates.

One candidate for governor said the state needs to amend its constitution to limit the governors’ pardoning power.

Former Lieutenant Governor Steve Beshear said after two consecutive governors have pardoned their friends, the Constitution needs a change.

He believes after Governor Fletcher issued blanket pardon in the merit hiring case, the public trust of government was dissolved.

Beshear is urging state law makers to put a Constitutional Amendment before voters.

Democratic Ticket:
Steve Henry
Steve Beshear
Gatewood Galbraith
Otis Hensley Jr.
Jody Richards

Republican Ticket:
Ernie Fletcher
Anne Northup
Billy Harper