Bowling Green Hosts First State Lego Robotics Competition

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Children traveled from all across the state to come to Bowling Green for the very first state Lego Robotics competition.

"It's just basically starting here in comparison to a lot of the other states so it's good to bring it here"
Say Event Coordinator Karla Andrew

The event was held to help get children in Kentucky interested and excited about what the world of science and technology can offer them as a career.

"If the kids want to be scientist, engineers, chemist or basically anything technical they really need to start planning it in middle school or have that basis of math, science and engineering and technology"
Says Andrew

Andrew also says there are a lot of bright kids in the state and there just needs to be more exposure to the sciences for them to develop.

"It's amazing when you see what these kids do it's just amazing what they can come up with"
Says Andrew

There were also a lot of parents at the event to support and encourage their children.

"We had a great turn out and when you look at the pit it looks like sardines are packed in but there are tons of kids running around"
Says Andrew

There were twenty eight teams that participated in the event at Diddle Arena on Western Kentucky University's campus.

The winner here in Kentucky will go on to compete in the world festival in Atlanta Georgia where thirty eight countries will be represented.