Adventures in Kentucky: Hidden River Cave with BS Troop 510

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Last week, WBKO’s Brandon Lokits took his adventure to the high speed, high adrenaline sport of paintball. In this adventure we head underground and follow Brandon as he tags along with Boy Scout Troop 510 on a trip to Hidden River Cave.

"This used to be considered America’s worst polluted cave and 20 years ago, you did not want to be standing here, much less walking down main street on a hot summer day because of the smell," program coordinator, Chris Clark said.

There was a time when people did not have a good understanding of the way things worked between the above ground and the below ground areas.

Now, due to the hard work of the American Cave Conservation Association and a better understanding of the public, what was once a dump has been turned into an exciting chance to see another world.

I think it’s about three and a half hours and we have fifteen people with us including kids and adults as you can see, all the way back up the steps and we hope to have a good time and no one get hurt.

As we go into the darkness we can’t help but to be excited. We cross a small creek and then begin to move deep into the cave.

As we head deeper, the headlamps of 15 people are still swallowed by the immense darkness. For several hours the line of scouts snake in and out of crawl spaces and muddy passageways.

Along the way, we see the fragile life that thrives within. Bats hanging on the ceiling in hibernation and clean water shaping new rock formations, are both testament to the hard work of those who reclaimed Hidden River Cave.

After tree hours of crawling in darkness, we emerge into the daylight with muddy clothes and a greater understanding of the world beneath us.

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