Franklin Chamber Theft

Officials at Regions Bank in Franklin, recently discovered discrepancies with the Simpson County Chamber of Commerce account.

They notified chamber officials that large amounts of cash had been moved between their account and an account of the Chamber’s executive director.

Now, the Chamber and area law enforcement are trying to figure out whether a crime was committed and who’s to blame.

“There were several times we saw where large sums of cash was being moved from one account to another account and accounts that were supposed to be set up were never actually opened,” said Kentucky State Police Trooper Todd Holder.

Karen Eaton, the Chamber of Commerce’s executive director, is in charge of the Commerce’s account at Regions Bank and another account the money moved between.

Trooper Holder said that right now they are only in the beginning stages of an investigation.

“We have not opened an actual case but the investigation is going through the records and stuff along with Mr. Crocker, the attorney for the Chamber and some individuals that are with Regions Bank,” said Trooper Holder.

In a memo sent out by Chamber President Kelly Banton, Eaton admitted to having issued multiple unauthorized checks to herself in addition to her authorized salary. She also admitted to falsely reporting the finances to the Board of Directors and failing to report withholding taxes.

Trooper Holder said that right now KSP will be looking into whether a crime took place. They are also looking at whether this issue is bigger than the Chamber and could bleed over into other organizations.

To view paperwork concerning the recently discovered discrepancies, click here.