Day Two of Sublett Trial

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Was he armed ... or wasn’t he? That was the question jurors in federal court considered on the second day of testimony in the Russell Sublett trial.

Sublett is charged with the attempted murder of several law enforcement officers and carjacking.

Federal prosecutors say on Sept. 29, 2004, Sublett led officers on a high-speed chase through Barren and Warren Counties.

Sublett’s attorney said Sublett was unarmed when he carjacked Virginia Phelps’ Pontiac Grand Prix after he had crashed his El Camino into another vehicle on Highway 68-80 but troopers Gary Travis and Jonathan Mc-Chesny, both testified they saw a flash coming from Sublett’s hand as he aimed at them during the shoot-out at the carjacking and Trooper Frank Thornberry testified eh saw a gun in Sublett’s hand and heard a shot as Sublett got into Phelps’ car. Sublett then drove the car into the front door of David Stewart’s home on 31-W north of Bowling Green.

Stewart had fired Sublett just two weeks earlier.

Sublett then barricaded himself in the house and exchanged sporadic gunfire with police until he surrendered to authorities four days later.

Sublett’s attorney does not dispute that Sublett fired several guns while in the house but he said Sublett never tried to kill any officers. He said Sublett was trying to provoke police into killing him.

Sublett could get up to life in prison if the jury finds him guilty.