Dropping Out Of Life: Part 3

Each year around 25 inmates from the Warren County Regional Jail graduate with a GED.

The teacher at the jail looks at the classes as a form of rehabilitation.

Several of the inmates at the Warren County Regional Jail wrote us an inspiring letter about a special teacher who's opening their minds to the opportunities that are available to them.

James Stice has spent the last year at the jail.

During his time behind bars, James realized he wanted a second chance to make his wrongs right.

"I figured I wanted a good chance when I got out just to start over," Stice said. He then decided to get his GED through classes offered by the jail.

"I thought about pursuing, just rebuilding cars, something like that,"
Stice said.

Cindy Robertson helps the inmates get their education and a better life by teaching the classes.

"I see a lot of people getting into trouble legally because financially they're strapped and so that leads them to do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do," Robertson said.

Robertson also said without an education, it's hard for her students to live a quality life once their released.

"Today's world is higher tech, requires more education and when people don't go to school and follow through with their education, then their opportunities are very limited," Robertson said.

Besides the basics, Cindy and her students focus on other skills for the workforce.

"We deal with a lot of social issues. We talk about job interviews, resumes," Robertson said.

"She told me about some other opportunities that I might take when I get out of here to get a better job, told me what's available to me," Stice said.

Stice now hopes to continue to pursue his education once he's released from jail.

"I just really want to do well. I want to be able to come back and show her that I've done something, make her proud, make my family proud," Stice said.

Robertson also has her students write in a journal as practice for the five paragraph essay they'll have to write for the GED.

She said the process is educational and therapeutic.

To view a copy of the letter sent by inmates from Warren County Regional Jail, click here.

For more information on the GED test, you can log onto http://kyae.ky.gov/.