The Gift of Music

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It's the season of giving and Ronnie Fisk is giving the best gift he has. He is giving the gift of music.

His mother, Agnes Fisk, says, "When he was born they told me he was blind and deaf. I wouldn't believe them."

Her faith proved true. Ronnie turned out to be not completely blind or completely deaf. However, he remained speechless for more than 50 years, only recently learning to speak

Jennifer Mitchell, Bowling Green Towers Manager, says, "I think he is amazing. He adds so much life to our building and the Christmas spirit is so much more alive when he's playing. I just love him."

And Ronnnie loves to play.

Ronnie Fisk, gifted pianist, says, "I like the piano because I play so good I play all by ear never had lessons."

His mother says when Ronnie was four years old she sat him down next to his brother on the piano bench and Ronnie picked it up naturally.

Agnes Fisk says, "He'd play in a church, he'd play anywhere, but right now it's Christmas and that's all that's on his mind. Waiting for those gifts!

And for the last three years the residents of the Toers have looked forward to his gifts of music.

Jennifer Mitchell says, "I look forward to him every year coming. I really do. He's just wonderful. The gift the God has given him is just wonderful and that's all you can say about it."