Leaving the Scene and Tampering Lead to Tougher Penalty for Yonts

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The son of a Kentucky legislator is found guilty of murder in a DUI death from Nov. 11, 2005.

A Circuit Court jury in Murray also found Harrison Yonts guilty of leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with evidence. The jury ruled Yonts was drunk when the car he was driving struck and killed 62-year-old Nadia Shaheen as she walked along the side of the road. The jury is recommending a 20-year sentence.

Warren County Commonwealth Attorney Chris Cohron believes the jury went for murder rather than manslaughter because the victim was an innocent pedestrian and Yonts tampered with evidence and left the scene of the accident.

"Murder, being a violent offense under Kentucky statute, Mr. Yonts will not even be eligible to meet the Parole Board for 17 years and the judge does not have the authority to probate his sentence,” Cohron said.

Harrison Yonts is the son of State Rep. Brent Yonts of Greenville.