Super Saturdays

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Western Kentucky University kicked off it's super Saturdays programs all across the WKU campus.

The program is done through the Center for Gifted Studies.
Super Saturdays is designed to reach children who are eager to learn and develop their minds.

"If there normal elementary class periods become boring to them being smart is not cool you can come here and the kids can really be cool and they find out that learning is really a lot of fun"
Says Instructor Joe Napier

Learning comes second on super Saturdays because fun comes first.
But what these children learn through the program is you can do both at the same time.

"The kids meet other kids who are gifted and they really form bonds and connect with each other because learning is so much fun in this kind of environment"

Instructors of the program are eager to assist children in discovering learning.

"Here in Kentucky, here in the United States and here in the world smart kids are sometimes the ones left behind and to expose them early to a subject they really love and they foster this love of learning and using their mind. What you may be dealing with is the next brain surgeon, the world's next poet, or artist or scientist"

For more information on the super Saturdays program you can contact the center for gifted studies directly at 270-745-6323 or log onto