Lengthy Democratic Ballot

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"It's going to be a spirited Democratic primary, that's the way Democrats usually are. They run hard and then when we get through we get behind the winner and win in November." Say Gubernatorial candidate Steve Beshear.

If you visit the Secretary of State's website, it won't take you long to see just how "spirited" this years democratic race really is.

" You know, that's why we have races. I think competition is good, if you've ever been in sports, if you've ever played baseball, basketball, the level of competition makes us better." According to Daniel Mongiardo

With ten candidates on the ballot for the May primary, the 2007 race for the governors mansion will not only be a competitive one, but could also bring a lot of new ideas to the fore front.

"So many people will bring better ideas, new ideas to solve some these problems, because a lot of the problems we have are very complex. They're not easy to solve, it's going to take someone to continue to attack these problems, and the more ideas we have, the better off we are." Mongiardo says

And those ideas are what Kentuckians hope will improve the quality of life in the Commonwealth.

"I think there is a real desire, on behalf of people to serve the state. In my case, I find that people are really starved for some good, strong, bold leadership that's gonna step out and take Kentucky forward." Says Beshear

A few of the issues that will be discussed during this years campaign include education, job growth in the state and the issue of expanded gambling. This year's primary election will be May 22nd.