Super Bowl Restaurant Preparations

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At noon there are only a few customers in Buffalo Wild Wings.

Yet, in a few hours the room will be packed with die-hard football fans for the biggest game of the year.

"We'll probably be full, I'd say by 3:30...4 o'clock today," says BW-3's General Manager, Tricia Watkins.

She says preparations for the big game starts weeks in advance.

"Actually, we start preparing for Super Bowl Sunday in January. There's a lot of information that we get throughout the year to get ready for it," she says.

Several calls are made to make sure there is enough food ordered and staff on hand to supply the hungry football fans.

"We can go through about 10 cases of wings, which is about 40,000 wings, in a matter of a couple of hours. When you figure in the number of call-ahead orders and their quantity of anywhere from 200-600 wings it doesn't take long to go through that many," notes Watkins.

Which is just one hair-raising part of the day.

"The highs are extremely high and you pretty much can't hear yourself think. The lows are you can hear a pin drop. It's pretty intense," says server Amanda Hagerman.

So Watkins says she tries to get her staff in the right frame-of-mind heading into the game.

"Just tell them to relax, and have fun. The customers are usually very patient and they know you're busy. They can see you're busy so they don't mind waiting a few extra minutes for something," says Watkins.

"Pretty much everyone comes in at one time and if you have good teamwork then it flows seamlessly," agrees Hagerman.

Watkins says the restaurant expects sales to increase 15 percent over last year's Super Bowl Sunday.

Hagerman says that although business tapers off once the game starts, its still a busy time.

In some cases restaurant officials have to console heart-broken fans whose team loses or calm down overly-excited fans.

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