Super Bowl Sunday Increases TV Sales

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Super Bowl Sunday has become a widely social event across the United States over the past 41 years.

Super Bowl parties are very popular and can become pretty pricey for the host of the party.
One major criteria to host a Super Bowl party is to have the biggest and best television out there.

"A lot of the people who came in yesterday were here to buy now because of the Super Bowl"
Says H H Gregg Manager Brad Brooks

The Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday is a huge day in the television sales business.

"Yesterday was one of the biggest days and a large portion of our business was with high definition television and larger televisions in general"
Says H H Gregg Manager Brad Brooks

Over the past couple of years high definition has become the new fad and all televisions sold at H H Gregg which are thirty seven inches or larger come standard high definition.

"High definition was the first major change in TV since it went from black and white to color"
Says H H Gregg Manager Brad Brooks

Store manager Brad Brooks of H H Gregg in Bowling Green says Super Bowl does indeed give people motivation to upgrade their television

"The same thing happens with the NCAA playoffs too any major sporting event will draw out people to buy stuff especially if their teams playing in their particular region or area you do business in"
Says H H Gregg Manager Brad Brooks

Brooks says another motivation behind buying a new television is that large flat panel TVs fit easily in small spaces.
Plus they're high quality.
High-definition has been a big factor in getting people to go out and buy bigger and better TVs