Sublett has History of Suicide Attempts

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Russell Sublett had tried to kill himself at least four times before a series of shootouts with police in September of 2004.

At his trial in federal court in Bowling Green today, Monday, Feb. 5, 2007, Sublett’s attorney said Sublett had been a patient at Lifeskills for years and he read a document from one of Sublett’s mental evaluations. It said in 1978, Sublett put a gun in his mouth. In 1994, he slit his wrists. In 2000, he poured gasoline on himself and in 2003 he took pills.

The defense is trying to show Sublett was trying to get police to kill him during the four-day standoff at David Stewart’s home on 31-W, north of Bowling Green.

The prosecution accuses Sublett of trying to kill ten law enforcement members in a carjacking and ensuing standoff.

The defense’s psychiatric expert said Sublett quit taking his medicine for pathological depression and anxiety, three or four weeks before the shootings and that led to his making irrational decisions but the government’s psychologist said there was no indication Sublett had lost contact with reality during the standoff with police.

If found guilty, Sublett could get life in prison.