Adventures in Kentucky: Paoli Peaks

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Last week, Brandon Lokits took his adventure underground with Bowling Green’s Boy Scout Troop 510. This week, Brandon travels just outside the Commonwealth to explore a nearby ski resort.

As Told By Brandon

Here in Paoli Peaks, In., Adventures in Kentucky is branching out a little bit and leaving the state but not too far. Not too far of a drive from South Central Kentucky.

With a few friends, I make my way out of the state and prepare for an adventure. After receiving our lift tickets, we buckle up and bundle up for the slopes.

Paoli Peaks in Paoli, In., is a winter playground hidden in our neighbor’s backyard. If you are wondering, Indiana does not get that much more snow than South Central Kentucky but what they do have in Paoli is the ability to make their own.

With around 100 tower snow guns placed over the property, they can make about six inches of snow over their ski area in one night under the right conditions. In addition to making snow, the folks at Paoli have added the innovation of lights.

With the lights, skiers and snowboarders can enjoy the snow almost 24-hours-a-day.

The evening we spent at Paoli was perfect. The skies were clear and the temperature was just a little above freezing leaving the snow in good shape.

Night time skiing is an exciting twist but the artificial lighting is really the only difference from normal daytime skiing. The spills are just as cold and the lifts are as quiet and peaceful.

As a professional snowboarder myself, I would not know much about the spills. Luckily for me and the other skiers, Paoli Peaks also has a highly trained staff and a quick response ski patrol team.

If you are looking for an adventure in the snow, don’t let our lack of white weather get you discouraged. With a little traveling, it may be within your reach.

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