Math Achievement Fund Grant

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Students at Eastern Elementary in Barren County will benefit from a $70,000 Math Achievement Fund Grant.

The school was one of 41 across the state to be given this award.

Fran Pickerel gives her kindergartners the building blocks of math skills.

"We learn calendar skills, measuring, telling time, of course beginning addition and subtraction," said Pickerel.

Now a new grant will be able to offer all of the children at Eastern Elementary a helping hand when it comes to math.

A portion of the $70,000, that was awarded to the school, will go toward purchasing a new curriculum.

"It's going to offer our children more than we've been able to offer them in the past," said Pickerel.

The school will also hire a new teacher that will work specifically with small groups of students to help them with math.

"We look at the early grades as a building block. If they don't have some of the basic skills that they need at a young age, they're always going to struggle," said Will Compton, the principal.

Pickerel hopes these new tools will help all of the students as they learn their basic math skills.

"If the foundation is not laid firmly, if they don not learn all of the skills, then they're going to have splinter skills and as they move on up, it will really show up when they can't apply it to more difficult skills," said Pickerel.

Eastern Elementary will be considered for renewal of the grant after the first year.

Dishman McGinnis and T.C. Cherry Elementaries in Bowling Green, as well as Campbellsville Elementary, Lacy Elementary in Christian County, and Oran P. Lawler Elementary in Grayson County were all recipients.