Targeting Your Hometown: Lone Star

Targeting Your Hometown
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This week the dart once again sent our crews to Metcalfe County, however this time we traveled to the county's southern end and to the community of Lone Star.

While traveling on Lone Star Ridge Rd, we came across what is known as the Sawyer Farm. This 150 acre farm possesses one of the best panoramic views in the county and the beginnings of stardom for one familiar television personality.

The Sawyer farm was once home to the grandparents of ABC's Diane Sawyer. In all, her grandparents had 9 children. All 9 siblings went to college and all 9 became teachers. One of the children, E.P. Sawyer was Diane's father. During her early childhood, you would often find Diane, her siblings and cousins often picking apples or frolicking in hay fields.

Diane's cousin, Maurice Smith, says his relative's success comes from her desire to do things right.

Oddly enough, Good Morning America is in the process of planning a visit to the Commonwealth. You can look for the scheduled stop sometime in late September.

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