State of the Commonwealth Address Becomes a Political Platform for Fletcher

According to experts Governor Ernie Fletcher's annual State of the Commonwealth Address could help the governor convince voters to give him a second term in office.

Fletcher kicked off his speech on a positive note outlining state changes in his years as governor.

"We lived in our means and reformed our taxes, lowered the income tax rate on 78 percent of working Kentuckians, reduced the tax margins on businesses and eliminated tax on capital investments - total of about 30 percent. It may have not been the easy answer but it honored our dedication to a guiding set of conservative principles, and it worked," Fletcher said.

Fletcher is also recommending $250 million in additional spending to pay for a variety of initiatives. The initiatives include one that would provide vaccinations to middle school girls to prevent a common sexually transmitted disease known to cause cervical cancer.

Two republicans have filed to run against Fletcher in the May primary, and seven democrats are seeking their party's nomination.