New Year's Resolutions: Losing Weight, Getting Fit

It's a new day of a new year, and already a lot of people are getting a jumpstart on a healthier 2004.

No matter your fitness and dieting goals for the new year, most medical experts agree, if you're just starting out, you should take it slow so you don't get overwhelmed and fizzle out after a few days.

A few tips to consider:

  • When it comes to exercise, start slowly and add on. You're much more likely to continue if you don't get burnt out. Even if you start out exercising for 15-30 minutes twice a week, stick with it.

  • Watch portion sizes. Most restaurant portion sizes are larger than normal portions.

  • Implement little changes like switching to skim milk and cutting out sugary soda pops and teas.

  • Bake, Broil and Grill as opposed to frying.

  • Make a long-term commitment and find friends to support you as you change your exercise and eating habits.