New Public Safety Projects

Governor Ernie Fletcher announced today, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2007. Several communities below Wolf Creek Dam will receive early warning system equipment.

Russell, Cumberland, Clinton and Monroe Counties will be provided a reverse 911 system and an upgrade to their current systems.

Several citizens and businesses there will also be supplied with weather radios. These safety project upgrades come several weeks after the Army Corp of Engineers announced Wolf Creek Dam was at “high risk” for structural failure.

To relieve pressure on the dam and the risk for it breaking, the level of Lake Cumberland is being lowered to 680 feet.

Governor Fletcher said today, he’s “committed to ensuring the public health and safety of every citizen, business and visitor to Lake Cumberland.”

The reverse 911 system will allow local emergency response personnel to target and contact people living in a precise geographic area in case of emergency. The weather radios will also broadcast warnings and crucial information. Additionally, the citizens and businesses of each county below the dam will have access to basic 911. Basic 911 will improve the effectiveness and reliability of landline and wireless 911 services.

The equipment will be paid for by Kentucky Office of Homeland Security funds.