Dramatic Video Released

One day after a jury convicted Russell Sublett of five counts of attempted murder WBKO obtained dramatic video from inside the home where the standoff occurred.

For the past week-and-a-half you've been hearing how Russell Sublett led authorities on a high-speed chase through two counties, carjacked a woman's Pontiac and exchanged gunfire with police during a four-day standoff. By clicking on the video link located above you can see video of the chase, shootout at the carjacking and the standoff at David Stewart's home.

We warn you will see one of the five shots that hit Sublett. The video may be unsuitable for some viewers.

The video picks up the chase just after Sublett drives over state police stop sticks in a while El Camino, when another trooper takes the lead in the chase.

The video picks up a few seconds later as Sublett exits the El Camino and runs to Virginia Phelps car and pulls her out of it, at which point police hold their fire until she runs clear.

Though wounded, Sublett drives to David Stewart's home on 31-W north, crashes into the front door and holds police at bay for four days. A swat team deployed a robot with a video camera, which captured Sublett shooting at police from the top of the basement stairs.

In the video you can see Sublett retreating under a nail of gunfire. Later he gets shot in the right shoulder.

After four days Sublett surrendered to authorities. His defense was that he wanted police to kill him.

"Quite frankly I can't get inside Mr. Sublett's head. I have no idea whether he wanted the police officers or agents to kill him. Our argument to the jury was that suicide by cop doesn't mean that he didn't want to kill the cops. Suicide and homicide are not mutually exclusive. He may very well have wanted them to kill him, but we believed, and obviously the jury did, too, that he intended to kill those agents," said Jo Lawless, assistant attorney.

Lawless said Russell Sublett is a very dangerous man, a violent criminal, who will be spending a long time in prison. Just how long, we'll find out at his sentencing in early May.

The five attempted murder charges and carjacking charge carry penalties ranging from 125 years to life in prison.