Hometown Hero: Sharon Nesmith

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Heroic people can touch our lives in so many ways. This week’s hero not only touched the lives of one Glasgow family but also found friendship.

This hero will always hold a special place in the family’s lives, as she shared and helped them through a very big bump in their road.

“Becoming friends out of all it is the greatest blessing of all,”

Friendship was found the morning Brandy Baise’s house was on fire and a stranger came knocking on her door. That stranger was Sharon Nesmith. She came to save Brady’s life and the lives of her two boys.

Brandy’s roof was burning due to an electrical fire in the attic of the house.

“I wanted to get them out. I didn’t want anybody to get hurt and I believe that if the Lord hadn’t let me know the house was on fire. I would have drove by just like everybody else,” Sharon said.

“I am really grateful that she saw it because if it wasn’t for her, we were getting ready to take Jadin to school and if it wasn’t for her my house could have been blazing by the time I got back,” Brandy said.

Brandy never expected to meet a friend out of the whole incident but is grateful Sharon found her.

“It’s been really cool because now I have a friend, you know, I have a friend and I’m down here from Indianapolis so I didn’t know anyone at all,”

They both say they are very happy they met and plan to continue their friendship for years to come since they have boys in the same class at school.

“Every time we see each other we hug and say I love you because you know in a tragedy or disaster you do need someone and now she’s there,”

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