Man Survives Tragic Tractor Accident

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"The last thing I remember seeing was I looked up and my son was standing on the tractor screaming please don't die dad"
Recalls Carlos Rivera

This was one of Carlos Rivera's last thoughts before he was rushed to the hospital after his tractor ran over him a freak accident while he was trying to fix it.

"Then I started coming to it was really bright then dark and realized it hadn't killed me"
Recalls Carlos Rivera

Carlos was taken to the Muhlenberg Medical Center, where doctors were stunned he had survived the incident.

The doctors said they had never seen someone survive such a traumatic accident.

"It never occurred to me what happened could happen"
Says Carlos Rivera

Carlos says he feels like he should have known better.
But he has learned a valuable lesson and was glad to be given a second chance at life.

"Food taste a little better the suns a little brighter and the nights are a whole lot prettier
Carlos was released from the hospital only a day and a half after the accident with only a couple broken bones, even after the tractor ran right over Carlos's head.

"As it was coming over me I knew I was wasn't going to survive"
Recalls Carols Rivera

But he did and feels more blessed than he ever has.

Carlos did fix his tractor the day of the accident and was able to replace the ignition.
But says he has no plans to ever sell it.
He hopes he and the tractor have a better understanding of each other after the whole incident.