President Ransdell on Education Cuts

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Western Kentucky University president, Dr. Gary Ransdell, spoke with WBKO and gave us his thoughts on the budget cuts.

Ransdell says the cuts at Western are serious. Some programs will have to be eliminated because the school is already past the point of across-the board cuts. He says the school is focusing on how it will deal with the cuts and where they can be made at Western and will take several weeks to sort out, but one thing they to try avoid is another tuition hike.

Dr. Gary Ransdell says, "We do not at this point and time have a plan to raise tuition just to meet a state budget cut. That would defeat a state budget cut in the eyes of the state and in all fairness to our students tuition needs to be focused on meeting the needs of our school, not balancing the state budget."

Ransdell says officials will meet in Frankfort this Friday to see how the budget cut will affect each of the eight universities.