"Dead Man's Curve" in Muhlenberg County to Be Fixed

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A dangerous stretch of roadway responsible for three fatal accidents in 2003 in Muhlenberg County will undergo construction in an effort to make the road safer.

"Dead Man's Curve" claimed three lives last year, including that of Vicki Copeland on Oct. 16. Vicki's parents, Bobby and Logie Anderson, with the intervention of Congressman Ed Whitfield, went to see Governor Fletcher in Frankfort last Thursday. The Andersons asked Fletcher to fix the road to prevent similar tragedies.

Fletcher sent a team of state road engineers to examine the site on Tuesday, and those engineers are recommending a two-pronged course of action for the road. Within the next two weeks, district engineers will begin making plans to remove an embankment and apply a non-stick surface to the pavement.

Straightening the road is a more complex and costly move, which isn't expected to get underway until at least a year or two from now, because of a lack of funding and the complex planning studies needed for such a project.