Warren County School Board Drops Out of Lawsuit

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The Warren County Board School is dropping its membership in an organization suing house speaker Jody Richards and Senate President Davids Williams. Four of five school board members voted in favor of dropping out of the council for better education lawsuit.

The CBE is suing the state, claiming the state need to put more money into education.

The members went against the recommendation of superintendent Dale Brown because they no longer want to pay dues to belong in the CBE.

Superintendent Brown feels they should have continued to support the lawsuit.

Dale Brown says, "My concern is the fact that funding is needed for us to continue quality programs for the students in Warren County. And I feel like its necessary for us to work for the best possible funding for our students."

Another reason the board pulled out of the lawsuit- they say they want to let the government do its job and they say supporting a lawsuit against the government would not be the appropriate way to address education issues.