More than Just the Blues - Part Two

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Education and treatment are clearly a person's best shot at fighting depression but psychologists and psychiatrists have different opinions when it comes to treating this disease.

What is most alarming about depression is that two out of three people who suffer from depression don't seek treatment.

This means 80 percent of depressed people don't seek help and 15 percent nationwide are at risk of suicide.

The website said depression will be the second largest killer by the year 2020.

According to, 54 percent of people believe depression is a personal weakness.

But psychologists and psychiatrists say depression is a serious medical illness that should be taken seriously.

Psychiatrist Dr. Grau and Psychologist Dr. Pfohl say the first thing to do if you are feeling depressed is to see your family doctor.

They say some symptoms mimic those of depression but can actually be a physical illness or other disorder.

The next step is to decide if medication, talk therapy or a combination of both is the best treatment for you.

Dr. Pfohl said relatively new but well documented research says that chemicals linked to depression in the brain can change without medication.

Getting the right treatment with the right therapist ensures a high success rate for those suffering from depression.

Although some people only experience one episode of depression. Others might have a long road ahead of them.

Dr. Grau said some people turn to alcohol and street drugs as a quick fix but this actually makes the depression worse in the long run.

Dr. Grau said healing from depression is very realistic, it depends on accessibility to treatment and education.