WKU Teacher is Bringing Spanish to the Children

If you think your children might be ready to tackle a new language, here's your chance to enroll them in a class that combines the basics, with a lot of hands-on fun.

It's called the FLEX program, or Foreign Language Exploration, and it's part of an outreach program from Western Kentucky University. There are several teachers volunteering to teach right now. WKU Spanish Instructor Gustavo Obeso is helping children learn the basics of Spanish language and culture.

If you're interested in the program, it's for parents and their children who are in Kindergarten through third grade and it's just one hour a week for four weeks at the Bowling Green Public Library.

This particular Spanish course is filled to capacity, but there are different courses you can sign up for, like German and French, and it's free. If you'd like more information on how you and your child can get involved, call the State Street Branch at 781-4882.