More than Just the Blues - Part Three

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We talk to a woman brave enough to share her story with us about her lifelong battle with depression and the simple steps she said released her from the prison of depression.

You will notice in our video that she is in silhouette, not because she is ashamed of having depression but because she is involved in Depressed Anonymous a program that maintains its anonymity at the level of radio, film and press.

This woman whom we'll call "Christine," was diagnosed with depression about 22 years ago.

"Christine" said she was initially misdiagnosed and it wasn't until 12 years later that she was correctly diagnosed with bipolar depression.

She said taking small steps gave her the serenity, strength and spiritual growth to get back on her feet.

"A year ago I was in the hospital for attempting to take my life and through the program I've come a long way and think that getting out there little steps everyday helps you avoid those situations where you want to take your life," "Christine" said.

"Christine" now leads one of the group meetings and says she's learned a lot about depression in her two year involvement.

She said the reason depression is stigmatized is because people have negative stereotypes when it comes to mental illness.

"Christine" said she avoids major stresses and is seeing both a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist for treatment.

"Christine" also said depression never really disappears, iIts something you can live with as long as you recognize it and learn how to cope with it.

If you have more questions about depression, check out some of these websites, to learn more about symptoms and what to do for yourself:">

Or for more information or help do not hesitate visiting your family doctor, mental health specialists, community mental health centers, or university/medical school affiliated programs. Help is there.