Legislators' Hopes for the Short Session

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Lawmakers are in Frankfort at work during this short session of the General Assembly. They say since it's a short session if a bill doesn't move through the legislative process quickly, then it may not make it into law.

Raising the speed limits on Kentucky interstates is one of the goals for an area legislator.

Senator Brett Guthrie is the co-chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee. He said interstates were built for an average speed of 75 miles per hour and raising Kentucky's interstate speed limit to 70 would match other states.

"You can go from Gary, Ind. to Mobile, Ala. and Kentucky's the only state where you can't drive 70 miles an hour," Senator Guthrie said.

On Wednesday, the Senate Transportation Committee approved the plan. It will now go to the full Senate for consideration.

Representative Dottie Sims has three counties in her district. She represents Edmonson, Hart and Larue.

Representative Sims said many of them are rural and she wants a study conducted on the possibility of having a universal health insurance program that is affordable and provides quality health-care.

"We don't have as much money as Louisville and Lexington and we've always been dependent on tobacco. Tobacco has gone. You can raise tobacco but you don't have a price quota on it. We still have people that are milking and the prices are going up on it and people have told me they're going to have to close their dairies," Representative Sims said.

Senator Richie Sanders said he's looking into restoring the Western projects that were vetoed by Governor Ernie Fletcher from the budget after the last legislative session.

He's also looking into the state's retirement system.

"We're looking to see if we actually do need to put some more money in the state retirement system," Senator Sanders said.

Representative Johnny Bell said he wants to instate a tax-free day for parents to buy school supplies and clothes.

He said he wants all students to have the items they need and this day may make it a little more affordable.

"I think it's very important for everyone to be dressed and have all of the materials that they need such as folders and books, pencils and pens and I think that would be very important for the educational process and therefore that's why I want to file the bill," Representative Bell said.

This is the short session of the General Assembly. Lawmakers say their bills need to make it through the system quickly or they may die due to lack of time.

For more information on what your local legislators are working on you can log onto http://www.kentuckyvotes.org